Kassie Duggan is a twenty-year old singer/songwriter and world traveler with a flare for old soul and heartfelt lyrics. With the recent debut of her new single, "Cry" released in January 2019, Kassie is now writing songs in the plan of recording an album in 2020. 


Between a routine of full-time music, travel, and remotely running a media company, you'll never know what to expect from this artistic adventurer.

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A lot of people have known me as a lot of different things: a musician, a world traveler, a free spirit, a manager, a teacher, ambitious, a college-dropout, a political advocate, a debater, maybe a nice, authentic girl, maybe a completely crazy one.

But in answer to the question above, I still haven’t fully figured it out.

I’ve been a very confident person all my life in who I was, and even when I was young and found those in my age group that didn’t align with my values, I kept on moving along and spending the majority of my time by myself.

Yet, I think I had a clearer picture of who I was in the world when I was twelve (and I was pretty damn certain) than I do now. But age and life’s endless complexities tend to throw people out of balance and into a major, lifelong confusion.

But moving on, here’s a bit of a rundown:

I was born in a little place called Rathdrum, Idaho nearly twenty-one years ago, and have spent the vast majority of my life moving from place to place. In all honesty, I remember being in so many states between the ages of two (as far back as I can remember) and ten that I don’t have an accurate timeline of when each memory was from. I just know it was all over the place and I never understood why.

The answer to that was my dad’s work as a commercial contractor in the aftermath of hurricanes, fires, floods, etc. and the fact that me and my sisters were homeschooled, so we have always known nothing but a nomadic lifestyle.

I’ve spent a lot of my younger years in the Pacific Northwest and California, and still remembered the years after hurricane Rita when we relocated to Texas. I remember neighborhood life in Houston, Texas, to the eventual 211-acre ranch in East Texas where “home” was for some twelve years. I remember the first time we decided to travel and live internationally, when a sailboat near Huelva, Spain entered the picture unexpectedly and spontaneously. Yet little did we know that this small action would change the course of our lives and what we would forever consider “home”.

As I’m currently writing this from Spain, sitting on the balcony of mine and my Spanish boyfriend’s apartment, you can get some ideas.

Though all of this might sound grand and glorious, many of these adventures were tainted by the shadow of a long-term, abusive situation that I was only able to recognize a few years ago as something quite abnormal.

However, the road that has brought me to this exact place in time has been like many others, filled with joy and pain, and circumstances unique to only oneself. It’s been wild, wonderful, painful, lonely, adventurous, and a million other things; but it has never lacked in diversity of experience, and for that I remain very grateful.

Yet, this is the first time I’ve decided to be truly open with the world about who I am and what I do, as I’m a firm believer that being openly authentic can hopefully make even some small, positive impact on the world and people.

And with that, I invite you to follow along, because sharing life with people makes ALL the difference! While my past has been something very complex and in need of some elaboration on my part, I know the future will only get better and better and I want to share my time and experiences with as many people as possible, because, like your own, and everyone else’s on earth, they matter.

All the best,